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Thank You Everyone, Also my First News Post

2016-08-01 12:37:19 by FleckMyLife

Hello citizens of Newgrounds,

I've never actually made a news post before, largely because I never had any important news to share. But that all changes today. First, I'd like to thank everyone for the warm reception of my animation, "Who Wants to WIN Some CASH?". I have been posting to Newgrounds since 2012, and this most recent cartoon of mine was the first to reach the front page, which I am absolutely thrilled about. That has always been a dream of mine. 

Second, I'd like to point out that I have updated my contact info, so that you can see my DeviantArt account and my Youtube account. On my DeviantArt you'll find some comics that I've made over the years, particularly a strip called "Pigskin & Porkrind", which I think some of you might enjoy. It's got some very dark, crude humor. You've been warned. Besides another copy of "Who Wants to WIN Some CASH?" on my Youtube, you'll also find a work in progress of another animation, which I never got around to finishing. From this point on, any animation that I finish and upload to Newgrounds will also go on that Youtube account.

Lastly, just to let you all know, I am already working on my next animation. I'd like to keep the premise a surprise, but for now I can share this image with you.



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2016-08-01 16:18:53

keep it grimey, homie. we like that!


2016-08-03 20:29:45

awesome work, and great news, man.
keep it up!

you're good!


2016-08-03 21:17:00

It's such a warm fuzzy feeling when you get on the front page, isn't it?

Good for you -- I'm going to check it out after I write this. Your art style looks unique and almost sort of sinister and crude, so I'm sure your work must be interesting. Keep it up!