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Really excellent. I greatly enjoyed the drawn out, slow pace of the film. The whole thing was at once both wonderfully silly and eerily unnerving. The limited color palette of oranges, pinks, and yellows was vivid and eye-catching. The dumb little jokes spruced throughout the piece, like the grocery list of "Eggs, Candy, Coke Zero" was terrifically absurd. Like, it isn't just "Soda", or "Coke", but "Coke Zero". Those small little touches of bizarre specificity really make the whole film that much more weird and lively. Overall, a really great work!

Totally fantastic. I love the art style.

Saw you post this on /ic/

In much the same way that a great film requires multiple viewings to pick up on all of its deeply layered symbolism and complexities, this film required at least two viewings on my part (mainly because I missed the title and didn't quite get the joke the first time. That's mostly my fault though.)

Very appealing art-style and character designs that emulates the look of the Pokemon cartoons while also being its own thing. The deadpan delivery of the voice acting was very well done.

All in all, is it the Citizen Kane of internet flash cartoons about Pokemon? No.
Is it nonetheless entertaining and funny? Yes.
Job well done.

Probably one of the best examples of stop motion I've seen on Newgrounds.

What most people don't seem to realize is that the arm amputation bit is supposed to be there. 127 Hours is a film about a man who had his arm stuck under a boulder like this, then after 5 days he cut it off. I think this animation is very creative and well executed.

There actually is a Batman villain called Man-Bat, and he pretty much looks like this. Pretty funny Flash though.

I gave up on it after I stared at a bus for 30 seconds.

SaltyPie responds:

I'm sorry. I'm new with these loaders so I fucked up abit. Everything should be okey now, though :D

You learn something new everyday.

Very fluid animation coupled with a very hilarious story earns you a five!

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